Board Chairman
Property Committee
Founder and Overseer of Community of Love Ministries and The Secrets Out

Michael Gordon grew up at Faith Temple from the age of 12 years old.
He worked in the Sunday school department , as the lead choir director, and as Minister of Music.
Michael Gordon is a 3rd generation minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and was ordained in 1992 as an Elder.
He serves on the Elders and Ministers Council of Faith Temple COGIC.
Elder Michael Gordon is the proud parent of three adult children and the grandparent of three grand-daughters and two grandsons.

He holds an undergraduate degree in Biblical Studies from the Moody Bible Institute.
He earned a Master of Arts degree in Biblical Studies from McCormick Theological Seminary.
He has done post-graduate doctoral work and has a certification in Psyhco-Spiritual Counseling.

Michael has worked in Real Estate Sales Brokerage and Property Management.

Elder Gordon and his wife of 47 years, Cheryl, started Community of Love Ministries in 2006, which ministers in the area of homelessness, family and marriage enrichment, health enhancement, and gospel proclamation.

Finance Committee
Faith Temple Charter Member

Brenda Alexander has been a cherished member of Faith Temple for sixty-nine years. She is the granddaughter of the late Sister Ethel Brunner, who was among the original group that began with the late Bishop H.W. Goldsberry. Brenda was only fifteen months old when her mother passed away, and her beloved grandmother raised her as her own.

From a young age, Brenda sang in the choir under the direction of Sister Vashti Powell, who became a special inspiration to her. Sister Powell’s down-to-earth nature and dedication played a pivotal role in Brenda’s early spiritual growth. She guided and nurtured Brenda, profoundly influencing her life and the lives of other young women by teaching them to be "proper young Christian women."

Like all the youth at Faith Temple at the time, Brenda attended public school and graduated from Parker High School. After college, she married and became a mother to two boys, one of whom is now deceased. She is now the proud grandmother of three.

Professionally, Brenda worked for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Finance and Accounting, demonstrating her skill and dedication. She also served the Chicago Public Schools as an Attendance Coordinator for many years. Currently, she continues to share her expertise at H & R Block.

Though Brenda briefly left Faith Temple, she later returned with renewed vigor, engaging in numerous church activities as she deepened her spiritual walk. She is actively involved with Faith Temple’s Mother’s Board and the Mission Workers. Brenda is now serving another term on the Board of Directors and is an integral member of the Finance Committee, where she applies her extensive knowledge of accounting and managerial expertise.

Brenda’s story is one of dedication, resilience, and unwavering faith. Her contributions to Faith Temple and her professional achievements stand as a testament to her character and commitment.

Administrative Committee
Corporate Secretary
Faith Temple Parishioner for Over 30 Years

Prayer is a powerful connection to God, rooted in belief and faith. The skills and abilities I possess are gifts from the Father, blessings that enable me to serve others.

Journey of Learning and Growth
My dedication to studying and learning has been a guiding light through numerous trials and tests. These experiences have deepened my faith and resilience.

Commitment to Healing and Service
Helping others through God's healing touch has been an incredible blessing. Many health challenges are beyond the scope of medical knowledge, but witnessing a patient's smile brings immense joy to our Father. I am eternally grateful to Jesus for His sacrifice and for sending the Holy Ghost to comfort, keep, and guide us.

Education and Certification

• Registered Medical Assistant, American Medical Technologist

• National Healthcare Association, MIBC Coding

• National CPR Foundation Certification – active

• HR Certification Institute – HIPAA – active

Vanetta Dale-Grier has dedicated over 30 years to Faith Temple COGIC, serving as both a devoted parishioner and a committed board member. Her journey is one of faith, resilience, and service, marked by a deep connection to God through prayer and the utilization of her God-given talents. Vanetta's educational background and active certifications underscore her commitment to compassionate care, making a tangible difference in the lives of those she serves. She continually gives glory to God for His guidance, finding joy in the smiles of those she helps heal.

Finance Committee
Department of Public Health (Retired)
Financial Secretary for the District Women's Department

To God be the Glory! My name is Catherine Charisse Flowers. I was born November 2, 1963 here in Chicago, where I lived all of my life. I have 3 children: Kevin M. Fuller, Charisse and Eduard Flowers (twins) and 2 grandchildren: Kevin Jr. and Kai Elise Fuller. I'm a widow 7 years now. I worked for the Department of Public Health for 35 years as a Nutrition Tech III, Breastfeeding Peer Counselor and Nutrition Education for the W.I.C food supplement program. I speak Spanish as a second language. I retired this February 26, 2021 from the Dept. of Public Health with 35 years of service. Praise God to whom all blessing flows.

I have an Associate of Art degree in Dietetics Technology from Malcolm X College, I have varies of Continuing Education certificates and awards in the Field of Nutrition Education. I have a Certificate in Social Psychology (online program), Bachelor of Art degree in Psychology from Argosy University.

I have experience in computer data entry, I speak spanish as a second language, filing and organizing charts, answering phones and customer service, and personal budgeting and organizational skills. I've helped with organizing events and fundraisers, I've spoken at different Missionary, District and State functions, reading church news and events, singing in the local, district, and state choirs and whatever I'm called upon doing for the building up the kingdom of Christ.

I have professional training in Dietetics, Breastfeeding Peer Counselor and Nutrition Education Counselor for 35yrs with the Department of Public Health, City of Chicago. I'm now retired. I'm a Licensed Missionary for 20 plus years, I work with my local church: I'm Vice President over the Women's Department under the leadership of Asst. District Missionary Nora Green, Choir member/ treasurer/secretary for the H.W.G Mass choir under the leadership of Elder Carlos Patterson, Minister of Music and Sis. Latasha Davis, President. I also work with the H. W. Goldsberry, 6th Jurisdiction as District Superintendent of Sunday School under the leadership of Mo. Clara Duncan, Financial secretary for the District Women's Department under the leadership of Mo. Judge Casandra Lewis, I sing in the District choir under the leadership of Missionary DeVera Jones District Minister of Music. I'm also very active with the State church as a Prayer Warrior, I work on the Huldah unit under Supervisor Mother Angie Dell Cullins and sing with the state choir under the leadership of Missionary Navinka Williams, Minister of Music.

I love to cook, read and watch action movies. I love being with my children and grandchildren, with family as a whole. I love the Lord with all my heart, mind and soul. My favorite scriptures: Proverbs 3:5-6, Isaiah 54:17, 61:1-3 and Jeremiah1:5-10, 29:11-13. I love to pray and worship God. To God be the Glory.


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