I would like to thank the current board members and the entire church membership for allowing me to serve as your Chairman of The Board of Directors for Faith Temple Church of God In Christ. I, along with all current board members undertake the responsibility of administering the business affairs of the Church very seriously. We are always aware that we serve at the pleasure of the membership in the interest of the Church. In our capacity as Board members, we have a fiduciary duty to act in good faith with great loyalty and honesty without personal bias and avoid seeking personal gain in all business decisions. These decisions may not always be fast or popular, but must be based upon the Board’s authority as outlined in the Church's By-Laws which adhere to, Municipal ordinances, State and Federal laws, but more importantly, adherence to Biblical principles to do all things "decently and in order".

In 2016, the church experienced some significant changes, with the retirement of Bishop William Allen in December 2015 who was pastor for more than 30 years, plus twenty-five years as the Assistant Pastor. The Board facilitated the election of Elder Ronald S. Blumenberg, Sr. as Faith Temple’s new pastor. This was followed with an official Installation Service by the Sixth Jurisdiction, April 17, 2016. Also in October, the Church gave Bishop Allen a formal Retirement/Birthday Celebration for his many years of service to Faith Temple.

The Board also authorized some much needed repairs to the Church, including restoring the lobby entry ways, stripping all of the old paint from the woodwork, windows and doors. Staining and varnishing returned the entrance of the church to its natural beauty. Also, major repairs were completed in the ceiling and walls in and around the deacons seating area. The generosity of church members provided funds to repair the outside church sign, identifying Elder Blumenberg as the pastor. Church members also donated costs to repair the lighting for the cross on wall behind the pulpit at the back of the choir stand. These members then donated most of the parts and labor for installing a preparation sink, required by city ordinance in the kitchen. Tuck pointing was completed on the southwest exterior wall of the church where moisture was seeping into the sanctuary resulting in damage to the ceiling and walls over the deacons’ seating area.

Going forward, the Board plans to have additional tuck pointing completed on the northwest exterior wall to prevent further water seepage above the choir stand. Additionally, thanks for the sacrifices of many faithful members for their continued contributions to the Church’s Building Maintenance Fund. The Board plans to direct these funds toward carpet replacement in the main sanctuary.

I along with the entire Board of Directors look forward to working together with our new pastor. Thank you again for granting me the privilege to serve as your Chairman of the Board of Directors for Faith Temple Church of God In Christ. This is a collaborative endeavor that includes all board members and the entire church body. I seek your prayers and support that God grants the knowledge and wisdom that all decisions are made in a just and equitable manner for the best interest of the Church.