Elder Michael Gordon

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus The Christ.

As Chairman of the Faith Temple COGIC Board of Directors, I, along with every Director, welcome you to our church and express our gratitude for the opportunity to serve. Our focus can be summed up in three ways: Faith, family, and fulfillment of God’s purpose for our ministry.

Faith is our “first name” and is the very foundation of our belief and legacy. Our founder, Bishop H. W. Goldsberry, was “a man of faith and power with God.” Our legacy has been established on faith, and our motto is: “Jesus is the center of attraction. In Him, we live, move, and have our being!” Our goal is to allow faith to inform every facet of our ministry; from winning souls to the kingdom of God, to perfecting, equipping, and maturing a loving membership that does effective ministry inside and outside the walls of the church. We must take “Christ into the culture” by forging a relationship with the community in which we are located.

Family is God’s idea! Families are the building blocks of society, and strong churches are built from strong families. Our church endeavors to cultivate strong, faith-filled, and loving families. This will not happen by accident but will occur as families are strengthened. Our calling is to nurture families, teach them the Word of God, and empower them to function biblically.

We strive to be a “purpose-driven church.” Our mission is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, prepare parishioners to live out the Gospel in their daily lives, meet the needs of the vulnerable in our community, and be “salt and light” to the world. We must be the mouth, hands, and feet of Jesus Christ (the body of Christ) in society.

As the Board of Directors, we serve at the pleasure of the Membership and have been charged with the governance and administration of the church’s business affairs. Our job is to ensure that the church is compliant with all state and municipal regulations, functions effectively and solvently, and that we are good stewards of the generous donations of our membership and all financial resources of the church. We are responsible for the maintenance and improvements of the church buildings and properties, ensuring we operate faithfully in alignment with the doctrines of the Bible and our church bylaws. Faith Temple is God’s church, its members are God’s people, and we, the Board of Directors, are servants of both!

In service to God and Membership, Elder Michael Gordon, M. A. T. S.