Prayer Warriors

Who Are Prayer Warriors

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. Colossians 4:2

Prayer warriors are people who have a heart for God, a heart for prayer, a heart for people, and a heart for Christ's church.

We serve God and intercede for the people of God. To intercede means to come between, so prayer warriors are, in effect, coming between God and the trouble in another person's life.

We intercede regularly on behalf of our church, our pastor and his wife and family, our community, and our nation before God. We seek to encourage all people to trust God. We seek to bring all people to have Faith in God.

Prayer warriors recognize that quality of God's personality and prays continually and effectively for others in the manner of prayer taught in scriptures. Like defense attorneys, Prayer warriors appeal to the Higher Court on behalf of their defendants.

Missionary Ruby Williams, President

Join Us

New Members are welcome. Programs, workshops, and retreats are pending.There is no age limit. Criteria for membership are as follow:

1. Salvation

2. Have a heart for God.

3. Have a heart for prayer.

4. Have a heart for people.

5. Have a heart for the Christ's church.