"A Legacy of Love, Faith and Miracles

  • Charter Members and Founders
    of Faith Temple

  • Bishop H. W. Goldsberry

  • Mrs. Theace Goldsberry

  • Mrs. Lousie Winfrey

  • Atty Ernest N. Powell Sr.

  • Mrs. Vashti Powell

  • Rev. Cleveland Payne

  • Mrs. Margaret Payne

  • Rev. Booker Fitzgerald

  • Mrs. Girtherine Fitzgerald

  • Mrs. Rosie Dean

  • Mrs. Maggie Rice

  • Mrs. Lola Mose

  • Mrs. Mary Louise Webster

  • Mrs. Zenobia Baker

  • Mrs. Ethel Brunner

  • Mrs. Mae Moore

  • Mrs. Barbara Ann Mitchell

  • Mrs. Alpha K. Warner

  • Mrs. Octavia Talley

  • Mrs. Ida Harrison

  • Mrs. Geneva Raulston

  • Mr. Frank McCoy

  • Mrs. Ellen McCoy

  • Mrs. Gertrude Greer

  • Mr. LaGrant Etherly

  • Mrs. Lottie Etherly

  • Mrs. Flora Jackson

  • Mr. William Boston

  • Mrs. Mattie Boston

  • Mr. Sherwin Boston

  • Mrs. Mattie Boston

  • Ms. Maggie Howard

  • Ms. Annie Crocket

  • Mrs. Rebecca White

Embarking upon an uncommon journey—they wanted a fresh start, a new beginning and a deeper relationship with God. Longing for authenticity and grace, they chose brother Goldsberry to lead the way to the promise land by teaching them God’s Word.

A small group of thirty souls were in search of God, in search of a leader, in search of a pastor who would guide them to what they wanted most—salvation, righteousness and truth. Faithfully praying that brother Goldsberry would accept their invitation to lead the journey—they called on the Lord and had no idea what God had planned for each of them! The founding pastor, simply known as brother Goldsberry said “yes” to the Lord and His people.

Woven together in love and faith, God’s Word made them one, made them whole and set them free! Faith Temple Church of God in Christ was born March 7, 1955. They praised the Lord in many voices and through many tongues. They grew in faith together as they sought to build God’s Kingdom. They honored and served the Lord with their hearts, minds, souls, and all that was within them. While sending up praises, they said, “Faith Temple is a life-changing gift from God.”

When asked about the secret of how to grow a thriving church—the members responded, “A thriving church is sold out to the Lord. At the heart of a thriving church is the heart of God. The members and leaders are everyday mirrors of the mind of Christ. The church is steadfast in the Word, in faith, and in forgiveness. Radiantly alive and energetic, the church becomes home for all of its members and a welcoming place for all who enter its doors. A thriving church brings glory to God and Biblical Truth to His people. It is a gathering place that empowers the soul.” “What builds Spiritual success and church longevity?” The answer: “The Bible.” When we hunger and thirst for righteousness we shall be filled, Matthews 5:6.

As we became more like Christ and unconditionally said “yes” to all that God asked us to do, the legacy of Faith Temple increasingly unfolded. The voice of God’s Word spoke to us in Isaiah 43:1 I have summoned you by name; you are mine. Elder Goldsberry’s journey through God’s grace transported the “people of God” to a world of deliverance, a world of faith, hope and steadfast love. Ours was an unquenchable thirst to give more and more of our lives to the Lord. God was faithful. During the life—span of the church in the early years the membership grew beyond the capacity of four church locations, 6211 S. Wentworth, 6810 S. Wentworth, 6730 S. Wentworth and 7032 S. Wentworth. The final move was to our current location, 7158 S. Peoria. The young spirited church grew in membership from thirty to over a thousand

The anointing of the Holy Ghost was always present and fell upon us from the oldest to the youngest. The power of God’s Word released within us a supernatural fire that continually revitalized and restored our souls. We danced, we cried, we prayed. We rejoiced, spoke in tongues and lifted up the name of Jesus. When it was time for the Word of God to come forth, the anointing imparted perfect preparation—and our hearts received the Lord.

Elder Goldsberry’s first message to us in 1955 was “Do What He Told You To Do.” His text was taken from John 9:4 I must work the works of Him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work. Passionate in his love for God, we learned to reach up, to reach out, to reach within and then soar into greatness—giving God all of the glory!

Through studying the Word of God, fasting, prayer, faith and victory, God opened our eyes to a world of miracles, new experiences and fresh journeys that perhaps no one among us had ever known before. Through faith we were treading on new ground. God strengthened our Spiritual foundation from within and around us.

The hearts of young people mattered. Through the Sunshine Band, Sunday school, YPWW, Easter and Christmas Speeches, the choirs they were in, outings they attended, sermons, the youth mission ministry, the Theace Goldsberry Bike-A-Thon for missions, the Youth Congress and so much more; they began to value in their own youthful ways the sacredness of a life in Christ. On a Thursday evening at 7032 S. Wentworth, a group of young people entered the church for choir rehearsal. They were surprised by what they saw when opening the door—Elder Goldsberry was on his knees surrounded by large wooden boards, hammers, nails, saws and more. Looking puzzled, the young people asked, “What’s going on?” Elder Goldsberry turned to them with a huge smile and said, “I’m building a choir stand—it’s time for you to have a choir stand to sing praises to God and it’s going to be ready by Sunday.” On Sunday morning, the youth marched in and sang in their best voices, with heads up high praising the Lord in the brand new choir stand that was built for them by the pastor!

As a church, we sought the Lord for all of our needs including our mortgage. In order to meet our monthly payments, Elder Goldsberry sacrificed his salary, receiving only $45 to $75.00 every two weeks. Faithfully holding on to the promise that the church would be paid for in seven years from the time it was purchased in 1962, he and dedicated church members, faithfully contributed the best of what they had. Sister Vashti Powell and Attorney Ernest Powell mortgaged their home to pay off the mortgage on the church. Through faith and commitment, the church mortgage was paid in full in seven years, saving more than $123,000.00 in interest.

While serving Faith Temple, Elder Goldsberry was appointed to the office Bishop in 1966. He later became Chaplin of the Board of Bishops and so much more. He used every position and every opportunity to glorify God. The founding pastor carried the message of faith in Jesus Christ on the radio. He planted Spiritual seeds of faith in other countries, establishing churches in British Honduras and Ghana West Africa. His mission work took him to the people of the Virgin Islands, South America, the Bahamian Islands and London, England to share the power of God’s Word. He saw Faith Temple as a “filling station,” a place to fill-up on the Word, fill-up on unshakeable faith, fill-up on the anointing of the Holy Ghost, on prayer, humility and grace and then go out and serve the world. As a man of prayer he taught the church to follow the leading of the Lord in all things.

With open hearts we continue to serve and celebrate Jesus Christ, our faith in God, our church, and our history. We pray that God will bless the future of Faith Temple, that lives will be saved, and that we—as servants of the Lord will remain faithful reflections of His love.

Faith Temple Charter Members who were children at the beginning of the Legacy:
Brenda Marsalis-Alexander, Joseph Earl Boston,
Cheryl Raulston-Gholar, Teanna Raulston-McIntosh,
Marie White-Mallett and Diana Richie-Wills