On January 11, 1895, Bishop Goldsberry's legacy of faith began with his birth in Arkansas, Helena Phillips County and continued to manifest itself through him as he migrated to Chicago. He is the third son, seventh child of thirteen, born to Rev. William and Elizabeth Goldsberry.

As a boy, young Harry took advantage of the neighborhood public schools. He learned to be generous and empathetic toward the welfare of others. He learned faithfulness and consistency of conduct. He exemplified and possessed the greatest attribute: Faith in God and His Word. It was upon these godly characteristics, that the foundation was laid for the birth of Faith Temple Church of God In Christ.

Some see a veteran soldier of World War I, who served overseas, a man of excellence, one who has known sorrow, seen years of depression and in the midst of those lean years, he heard Jesus say: "Come over here the table to spread." He excepted the invitation April 9, 1931.

Bishop Goldsberry's formal education was acquired from schools and colleges in Dallas, Texas and Portland, Oregon. His occupation as a Pullman Car Porter made it necessary for him to resort to correspondence courses.

Bishop Goldsberry built his spiritual life around three things: (1) praying, (2) fasting, and (3) a consistent study of and faith in the Word of God.

Bishop Goldsberry is a Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Sacred Theology who came up through the ranks of a local minister, assistant pastor, pastor and founder of Faith Temple COGIC. He served as Jurisdictional Bishop of the Sixth Diocese of Illinois, State of Faith, Fellowship and Love for fourteen years. November, 1980, Bishop relinquished his title as jurisdictional pastor to serve as full time pastor.

Perhaps the greatest object in the universe is a good man struggling with adversity, excelled only by a still greater man the good man that comes to relieve the adversities of this world. Bishop Goldsberry is such a man. Thus, you see a man of PATIENCE, for he learned that Patience is power, having witnessed little time and patience, how the mulberry leaf becomes a piece of silk. His sister, Annie Dagans, no doubt inspired her younger brother by her example. You see him as one who preaches the unadulterated Gospel of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Thousands of souls are beneficiaries from Bishop Goldsberry's legacy. He is well known globally. Many missions, churches and ministries both nationally and internationally began through the ministry and life of Bishop Goldsberry. Bishop Goldsberry went into eternity on December 4, 1984.

--Faith Temple's 1981-1982 Souvenir Journal