Deaconess Board

Our Service

For the past sixty years, Faith Temple COGIC has faithfully honored the Holy Communion every first Sunday at the eleven o’clock hour. It began with Bishop H.W. Goldsberry, continued by his predecessor Bishop William H Allen and now our present pastor, Ronald Blumenberg.

The deaconess duties entail making sure the linens are fresh and clean; the communion vessels used are clean and polished and the sacrament use (crackers and juice) is freshly prepared. They must be sure that the table is correctly arranged for the pastor and the assisting communion ministers.

During the communion service our pastor, Ronald Blumenberg ministers to the people the communion message, I (Corinthian 11: 24-29) Jesus on the night he was betrayed he broke bread with his disciples and offered up bread which represented his broken body and the cup which represented the new testament in his blood. He said, “to eat and drink often in remembrance of me”. When the pastor has completed his message he admonishes the congregation by saying “ Let us all eat and drink the Holy communion together."

Catherine Nunnally, President

Our Focus

1. The focus of the Deaconess Board is to continue the established program set forth by the pastor of Faith Temple. Be assistant to the pastor as he ministers the Holy Communion. Be willing to except any changes he proposes as he sees fit. The deaconess are free to offer any suggestion concerning the communion, but it’s his decision to act upon them.

2. The Deaconess Board financially supports other ministries or auxiliaries with their activities which often benefit the work of the church.

3. The future plans for the Deaconess Board is to continue to serve the congregation with love and prayer, continue to obey Jesus’s command that we should remember to partake of the Holy Communion often.

4. The Deaconess Board does not have programs, workshops or retreats. The deaconess do have private meetings to discuss business that affect them such as membership, deaconess apparel, Plan and support for deaconess who have become ill or their family members who are ill or recent death of family members.

5. New members are welcome. They will be entering a group of women who will treat them with love and respect. Criteria for membership are as follow:

1. Salvation

2. Member in good standing

3. Willing to follow leadership of the board

4. Get the approval of the pastor first